How to rent a house in Spain?

Apartment rental prices in Barcelona are among the highest in the country. But a wide range of prices (on average from 70 to 360 euros per day) will allow you to choose the most suitable option.

The hottest period of the tourist season is in July-August, when rental prices rise by an average of 15-20%, so May and June are more convenient months to visit the Catalan capital.

The highest rental prices for apartments in the central areas of the city are Ramblas, Old Town, El Raval and Eixample. Elite apartments here will cost about 180-200 euros per day, a more modest option – from 150 euros.

It is quite possible to rent a studio in Barcelona for 80 euros per day. An even more budget option is to rent a house in the provinces. For a small studio apartment in the suburbs of Barcelona, ​​you will pay about 500 euros per week and 1800-2000 euros per month.

In the central areas of the city – be it Salamanca, Chamberi or Retiro – you can rent a studio up to 50 m2 for 60-80 euros per day, 350-500 euros per week and about 800-1200 euros per month. Even for a studio, prices in the capital can be much higher.

If you need to rent a larger apartment in the capital of Spain, then, for example, in the Puerta del Sol area, an apartment with 1-2 bedrooms with an area of ​​up to 100 m2 will cost about 150-200 euros per day. The same housing in a less prestigious area – Delicias or Moncloa – will cost you 80-120 euros per day, about 600 euros per week and about 1000-1500 euros per month.

Prices for luxury apartments with three bedrooms with a total area of ​​about 180 m2 on average in the capital range from 150-200 euros per day, 800-1000 euros per week, 1400-2600 euros per month. The same premium class apartments here cost about 3,000 euros per month.

If you are going to rent an apartment in Valencia, coming here with a large company or family, then your choice, most likely, will be an apartment with 1-2 bedrooms. On average, for such an option in the city center, you will pay about 80-120 euros per day. A week of living will cost about 400-500 euros, a month – about 1200-1400 euros.

If it is convenient for you to live in a studio, for this type of accommodation in Valencia you will pay about 40-50 euros per day and about 250-300 euros per week. You can also find a budget option in the suburbs of Valencia. On average, 2-3-room apartments with minimal amenities on the outskirts will cost between 450-500 euros per month, excluding utilities.

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