How to find accommodation in Bali?

The methods of finding accommodation in Bali depend on:
– what is your budget
– for how long do you go to the island
– are you ready to look for housing on your own or do you want housing issues not to distract you from enjoying the island?

Among the types of housing that are found in Bali are:
– resort hotels (resorts)
– hotels
– villas
– guesthouses (guest houses) / homestays (accommodation in a local house)
– scythes, costas (rumah kost, kost, kos, kos-kosan, indekost – guesthouses of different levels, which are rented out monthly) were popular with foreigners who were trying to seriously save money by living in very basic housing. But since 2019, in the Badung area, which includes most of the southern regions of the island, foreigners are prohibited from living in spits.
– hostels
– co-living (this is still a new and rare phenomenon)

Sometimes there are combinations of these types of accommodation when a resort has villas on its property, or when a guesthouse has dorms for those looking for a hostel.

Apartments in Bali are very rare and condos are not featured.

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